I never considered myself or anything I do/did to be “brandable”, I’ve only ever associated the word with farms and branding animals. With that being said, this post was a little strange to me….here it goes!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is drive. Drive in my car (or truck-depending on what you consider an Explorer) and listen to music. Its my “me time” to unwind, get pumped, laugh, scream, etc. So, on my way home yesterday I was thinking about my next blog post, not knowing what today’s Blogging 201 task would be about and I easily thought of 10 different things I could have written about (will come at later dates). Let me tell you, none of them were about auditing or branding my blog. I think my thoughts are too random and I participate in too many different things to have one general theme to my blog. But, I’ll attempt to answer some of the Blogging 201 questions.

Does my theme match my blogs intent?

Simple. Simple.Simple. Yes, I am a simple person that goes through life 95% of the time without all the glitz and glam. Do I like being the center of attention sometimes? Yes. Do I like to show off sometimes? Yes. Would I prefer to kick back and relax with a bottle of wine and a good book? Yes. Staying in on Friday night to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix instead of going to a bar? I think yes. In my opinion, for now, my theme matches the intent of my blog.

What do the title and tagline say about my blog?

When I was a freshman in college, my roommates and I came up with a very short phrase that we would all have preferred to avoid, even now. “REAL LIFE” You’ve finally graduated from high school, you’re off to a great college, just far enough away from your parents and friends that you need to basically start over. Learn the lay of the land, meet new people and establish yourself. We considered this real life. Paying rent, buying books, doing your own laundry, drinking, dating, etc.

Middle of the week, drinking with friends without a care in the world.
Middle of the week, drinking with friends without a care in the world.
There isn't enough to go around.
There isn’t enough to go around.

Of course “real life” evolves as you grow older. Let’s just say I would much rather still be in my college stage of real life than where I am now! The nuts and bolts parts comes from my long history of driving race cars. (ooooh-ahhhh). “You’re a girl, you can’t drive” Yup! Been getting that line since I started at age 7. At first, I sucked. But, I’ve grown as a driver and a competitor over the last 17 years and now I’m one of the boys. So, I’m slowing but surely putting my life together one measly piece (or nut and bolt) at a time.

Start introducing changes… 

My indecisiveness kicked in high gear today as I added pictures, changed the format and through in some social media widgets. Blogging 201 suggested one change, I like to go big or go home.

So there you have it. I’m happy with where my blog has started and it can only grow from here. I’m sure I’ll have 9,000 ideas on the way home and won’t be able to use any of them in tomorrow’s post, but that’s tomorrow’s problem.

Tune in for another episode of my random ranting about my so-called “real life”.


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