Big Girl Panties

I decided to switch things up today.

I wasn’t going to participate in Blogging 101’s suggested blog topic today because I thought the title and tagline of my blog was pretty solidified. Until…. I started to really think about what they meant in the context of my blog.

I like the title of my blog enough for now, so I’ll leave that one alone. Take a look back at Branding to see the reasoning behind the title “Nuts and Bolts of Real Life”. On the other hand I definitely needed a tag line that fit my blog and the content of it.

girlPutting on my “Big Girl’ Panties. This stems from the idea that I believe I need to grow up, move on and be an adult. Although some may argue that at 24 years old, I may have a year or two to “play”, but I’ve always been an old soul. So, here I am, 24, engaged to my fiance who is 12 years older than I am (doesn’t always act like it!), bought my first house, working a boring desk job and complaining about how old I am when I go out to bars on the weekends.

I’ve finally strapped on the big girl panties and I’m attacking life slowly, but surely. Just because I’ve put them on definitely doesn’t mean that I have anything figured out, but its gets me on step closer than I was yesterday.

Trust me. I still like when my mom cooks dinner, offers to buy me clothes and pays for the occasional mani-pedi. But, I’m at that stage where the torch has been passed for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with the entire family and people are starting to ask about kids…..

P.S. I’ve got a couple pairs of panties because some of this stuff scares the sh*t out of me!

Here’s to laundry day.


3 thoughts on “Big Girl Panties

  1. I like it! Only thing is that because the text is white and (on my laptop at least) some it is over the white bit of your photograph I can’t read it all 😦


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