Today’s task at hand: publish a post you would like your ideal audience member to read & add one new to you item.

  1. My ideal audience member would closely resemble myself.
    • I started this blog with the hopes that I would be able to find other twenty something’s going through the same sh*tty sh*t I’m going through. College graduation, putting on weight, attempting to lose it, getting engaged, moving, getting married, getting a dog (or 2), fitting in real life activities with old binge drinking on weekend activities and finding your place in this crazy world. So if you’re out there, come find me!
  2. One new to me element.
    • Think I might add an embarrassing college video, if I can find it!

erThroughout my life I’ve come pretty darn close to finding my twin. When I was in second er1grade I met my best friend, Erin. There was something about her quiet, shy personality that worked with my super obnoxious, loud one. We met in Mrs. Beaver’s second grade classroom and we’re basically inseparable through our senior year of high school. No, we weren’t literally twins, but we just clicked. Her parents were basically my second set of parents, we went to school together and did gymnastics together, which means we basically lived together.

We graduated from high school and she went to Ithaca and I went to Penn State, so we might as well have been on opposite sides of the earth. We’re still close, but don’t talk nearly as much as we used to and we usually meet up once every few months over drinks and dinner and try to catch up on each others hectic lives.

meAbout 2 months before I went to college (I started during the summer- my SAT scores weren’t top notch) I met my next almost twin, Abigail. I met her sitting in an over sized class room at PSU when we we’re going through our freshman orientation (back then it was called FTCAP). I admired her awesome blackberry phone and we just started talking (Mind you- I had a T-Mobile flip phone). After the seminar we said our good byes and I didn’t hear from her again. I showed up to my first night at Penn State and had missed the “freshman going out train from the dorms” because I was at a me2race. That first Sunday, I Facebook messaged Abby to me3find out where she was headed that night (Yes- we went out on Sundays) and she told me to join her and her roommate who lived in a different building. That night I ended up sleeping next to her bed on the floor and we’ve been friends ever since. She gets me and I get her. Our personalities are so different, it just works. She’s the one calming me down or telling me to get to work and I’m always trying to get her to see the other side of things. No, not literal twin, but pretty stinking close. Finishing each others sentences, eating each other’s food, sharing clothes, sharing a bed (If i had to much to drink to climb into mine). Although we live relatively far apart, we talk almost every day and she keeps me sane!me1

So, I guess I’m writing to people like me. To find out how they get through their days and find there way in the world.


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