Life Happens

Well hello there…..

I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks and all I can say about that is that LIFE HAPPENS. If you’ve read some of my previous posts you may remember that my fiance and I had just purchased our first home together, I was in the middle of a very busy racing season and I was planning on starting my second 24 Day Challenge through AdvoCare. Everything was moving so fast and happening all at once, this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and reflect on the last few weeks!

The House:

Our original goal after settlement at the end of July was to have the majority of the rooms upstairs (bi-level home) painted and ready to move in, since we planned on spending the majority of our time at home upstairs….. Well that’s not quite how it all panned out. We had our hardwood floors refinished, meaning sanded and stained a much darker color than the original floors. Our flooring guy was fantastic, 1 man team, worked insane hours and really did a great job. So we were out of commission at the house from painting for about 8 days until the floors were finished and we were allowed to walk on them. During that time I spend countless hours on Pinterest and other websites trying to find the “perfect” colors for our Master, Spare and office. Picked a Grey (Versitle Grey) for the master and a dark navy for the office (PSU of course) and used a tan color for our spare bedroom. Me and my oh-so-patient mind thought we’d be able to roll in and get some color on the walls no problem……

NOT! We have original wood trim that matched the old floor color and wanted to do away with that, which meant sanding, filling in holes, sanding, priming and painting 2 coats of white on all the trim…..BEFORE putting any color on the walls. As always, nothing is every easy! Over the next 3 weeks, my fiance and I managed to get all the trim and walls painted (not including doors) in the master, spare bedroom and office.

master office


Let me tell you…. worst weekend ever. I thought I was all prepared, both mentally and physically having things packed in our old house, but I was not. We did thankfully have a ton of help on the first afternoon, but it still took forever. *Mental Note* If we ever have to move again, it will be when we make enough money to hire people to pack and move our stuff! Because I didn’t have everything in boxes, tons of family members and some friends stopped over periodically and either helped pack up the old house or move stuff packed to the new one. I’m also extremely thankful that we literally moved about a football field length down the street, so really I can’t complain much. Although we had food and beer basically all day, not sure it was enough to get us through all the heavy lifting and long hours in 80 degree weather! We quit around dark Saturday afternoon, slept in the new house for the first time on just our mattress on the floor and called it a day. Sunday, my fiance and I had to finish the rest by ourselves, wasn’t much but it was still a b*tch. It’s been about 3 weeks since we officially moved in and a lot has gotten done, but there’s SO MUCH more to be done!


Not quite sure where I was in the racing season last time I blogged, but I sure know where I am now… where. 2 weeks ago was arguably the biggest race of my season at Oswego Speedway in…. you guessed it, Oswego, NY. Its my all time favorite track and its probably the track that we run the most consistent at all season. We had high hopes for the car and everyone had high hopes for me. This is the place that everyone believes will be my first feature win and I couldn’t agree more. The car works, the team work, and I work the best at Oswego. 2nd fastest out of 26 cars in practice, 7th fastest in time trials, made it into the redraw for the feature and started on the pole! The car wasn’t great in the first few laps, but I was working with it. Then BOOM!Blown Motor Lap 30 coming down the front stretch after passing a lap car the motor let loose. I thought I could save the car from spinning out, but when oil came spewing out of both exhausts, I was out of luck. I ended up spinning going into turn 1 and was lucky enough that no one hit me. I knocked the car out of gear and brought it to a stop. I was covered in oil, so when the car stopped moving I jumped out, stood on the rear of the car to make sure no one was going to hit me and then jumped off. Of course the car went rolling into the inside wall and the bumper got bent along with a front wing, but nothing major. Boy was I pissed! I was literally ripping my helmet and neck device and throwing it at my crew. They of course told me to calm down because everything was being recorded (Asphalt Vision). I calmed down after a hot minute, jumped back in the car and got pushed back into the pits. Pissed as you could imagine, after blowing a very very very expensive motor, thus not allowing me to run the following week at another big race in New Hampshire. Such is life. Although I was extremely pissed and my dad wasn’t too happy, there’s not much you can do about it, so we loaded up and drank for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, my other motor is not quite ready yet and were hoping its done in time for the last race of the season in Thompson, CT for the World Series. The car is also still parked in the trailer and hasn’t moved since, so its been a nice little break which came at a perfect time……PSU Football season!

Current Day

Emoji GirlThank god its Friday! This week is the first of many that I will be working a full week because we’re not racing…whomp whomp whomp. Although it does mean that it’s football season, which is equally as exciting. My great uncle has hosted a full blown catered tailgate since I can remember and takes a bus load of people up to the game. Free ride, free tickets, free food and most importantly free booze! Couldn’t ask for a better time! This week PSU plays Rutgers at 8pm in a packed striped out stadium. Hopefully they’ll be able to pull off and win and then our  4 hour ride home won’t seem so long! Other things I’m looking forward to are the 40% sale going on at Sherwin Williams, where I’m headed to buy some kitchen cabinet paint after work today. AND my roommate from college and I are starting a AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge on Monday (9/21)! I’m so excited I have some one to do the challenge with and I’m really looking forward to feeling better, looking better and having more energy after its all said and done! Keep an eye out for (hopefully) daily post about my 24 day journey!

So, the whole point of this post was that life happens. Sometimes it gets in the way of planned plans, but sometimes it throws great opportunities at you. When one thing goes wrong, there’s always another that goes right. Not everything can be planned and I’m slowly grasping that fact that not everything has to be perfect. Sometimes it’s better not to have plans and play it by ear!

Until next time…..WE ARE


On a Roll

I feel like I’m a roll today….there’s not stopping this trfloorsain!

After work yesterday I stopped a the new house to check out how the hardwood floor refinishing is going and it looks great! So happy with our contractor and he’s getting it done much faster than he said he would/could. Which means that we can move in sooner than we had originally planned!

At first I was super excited that we bought a house, then not so much because I saw how expensive it was and how much work we had to do. Once we got started painting and now that the floors are almost done and we’re getting granite (hallelujah) I’m all about this move. Big girl pants are in full swing right now. Started packing a little more of our current house last night and feel like I made some headway (even though I packed about 4 boxes of glasses and dishes away). Packing takes forever and you never realize how much you have until you have to move it!

sparkWoke up late for work, but only managed to be 10 min late. BOOM. I’ve been so busy today work is already over! Yay! Drinking my Spark (or as people in the office call it “Alison’s cool aid” because I’m a child when it comes to drinking coffee- so Spark it is!)

Getting ready for an interview for a second job at 6pm. Wish me luck! Both my fiance and I decided it would be a good thing for me to bring in a little more money and it gives me some financial freedom from the house.

Then more packing tonight and outside work at the new house.

BOOM. Day over and I feel like its just getting started!